Space Salary Benchmarking

Are you paying enough to attract new staff and retain your existing team?

The tech sector has a skills shortage, and we in the space sector have one too. We’re competing for a lot of the same talent, and tech is paying more.

Your company is also competing with everyone else in space, an industry that’s growing faster than ever, and crucially, faster than the pool of skilled engineers.

Pay is a key reason why people change jobs, and when they're paid less than their peers, people are more likely to leave. You can't afford to be underpaying your staff.

Get salary benchmark data

Keeping competitive means collecting and responding to pay benchmark data on an ongoing basis.

We’re creating a salary benchmarking service to do just that. You’ll be able to submit your company’s salary data, and in return you’ll get to see how you compare to averages and trends over the rest of the sector.

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