We're building a powerful community

Only with cross-sector collaboration can we properly tackle the skills shortage.

Our aim is that through our work, your organisation and the whole sector will benefit from a bigger pool of higher quality candidates who stay for longer, enjoy their jobs more, and are truly representative of our society.

We are a neutral not-for-profit body with no commercial or political agenda, working for the benefit of the whole sector.

Membership is free and open to industry, academia, government, and third-sector organisations. We charge fees for some services to cover the costs of our work.

Membership Benefits

  • Priority access to our full research, analysis, and trend predictions;
  • Involvement in the development of standards for the sector;
  • Access to advice on best practice in recruitment, training, and inclusion, from experts in the space sector and other relevant industries;
  • Enhanced visibility through leading and co-branding events and publications;
  • Joining a powerful network of leading practitioners shaping the future of the space sector.

Membership Expectations

We ask our members to commit to do three things:

1. Share your data and best practices

We want to understand the skills issues in the space sector and build an evidence base that can inform decision‐making across the industry.

To do that, we need information from you. We’ll ask for anonymised data on topics including:

  • What your recruitment plans are in the future
  • How you go about recruiting and what tools you use
  • What skills you are looking for and which roles you’re struggling to fill
  • What kinds of experience you like to see on CVs
  • Who your employees are
    • What background they come from
    • What got them into space
    • What barriers they’ve faced
  • What training courses you put your employees on
  • What your retention rates are

We appreciate that you may not have data on some of these topics, and that you may want to keep some of your data private. We will work with you to identify what’s feasible and define a data sharing agreement, and you won’t have to share anything you’re not happy to share.

2. Continuously improve your processes in line with best practice

We use the data we collect to identify weaknesses in the sector and then advise on best practice that will make space careers as attractive and rewarding as possible. We ask you to take that advice on board and look critically at how you can improve your policies, practices, and processes.

3. Work to make the whole sector as inclusive as possible

Attracting people to the space sector means improving more than the practices of any one company. We ask you to share your experiences in implementing best practice and overcoming challenges so that others can learn from them, and to champion the importance of having an inclusive sector. This might take the form of talks, articles, or just conversations with your colleagues.

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