We’re building an evidence base

Good decision‐making needs good evidence

Our areas of research:

The space skills gap

Where are the skills shortages in the space sector? We’re interested in understanding exactly what skills the industry is looking for and what they find is lacking in their new recruits, as well as how those needs will change as the sector grows. We’re also interested in how people gain those skills and what can be done to ensure there is adequate training provision for graduates, career‐changers, and current space professionals.

Best practice

What is the best practice in recruitment, training, and inclusion within the space sector, and what can we learn from other sectors? We’re interested in what works and what doesn’t work about the sector’s current programmes and practices, and how all stakeholders can be encouraged to embed and continuously improve those practices.

The future space workforce

What does the future space workforce look like, and how can we attract them to the sector? We’re interested in demographics like gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, and regional location, and how we can ensure the space sector is representative of the wider population and inclusive to people of all backgrounds. We also follow the changing perceptions and expectations that people have of their careers, from being able to work flexibly to a having a social impact.

Perceptions of the space sector

What do people think of the space sector, and is it a sector they want to join? Space has grown a great deal in the public consciousness recently, but still too few know that it’s a growing sector with a wide variety of jobs. We’re interested in how much of the space sector people know about, where they get their perceptions and misconceptions from, and what we can do to make a space career more attractive. We’re also interested in how people already in the sector view their work and why they choose to stay or leave.

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Only with cross‐sector collaboration can we properly tackle the skills shortage. Our research relies on the space organisations pooling their data to make the whole sector better.

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