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Topics of expertise include:

  • Space sector jobs
  • Career paths into space
  • Skills needs and shortages
  • Recruitment processes
  • Space sector diversity


The Space Skills Alliance is a think-tank working to address the skills shortage in the space sector.

It was set up in September 2019 by Joseph Dudley and Heidi Thiemann, who previously created, an award-winning early careers jobs and advice website for the sector.


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Press releases

2020 Space Census Launches Today

Launching today to coincide with World Space Week, the 2020 Space Census is an activity conducted on behalf of the Space Growth Partnership which informs national policy and sector strategy, feeding directly into the Space Sector Council and UK Space Agency.

Just 8% of space job adverts are any good

The best adverts came from public bodies like universities and the UK Space Agency. The top score was 91 for a position at the Met Office.

First space skills taxonomy published

The Space Skills Alliance today released the first competencies taxonomy to be developed specifically for the space sector.

Half of early career space jobs require programming

Almost half of early career space jobs require programming skills. This is according to new research by the Space Skills Alliance which looks at the demand for certain skills in space job adverts.

Space Skills Alliance launches

The Space Skills Alliance, a new think-tank working to address the skills shortage in the space sector launched today at the UK Space Conference at the International Convention Centre Wales.