Understand your skills pipeline

We offer data, analysis, and expertise on space skills and recruitment.

We work with central and local government, businesses, academia, training providers, and the third-sector.

Commission independent research and analysis or get have us come in and work with your team to improve your processes.

Drop us a line at info@spaceskills.org and we’d be very happy to discuss how we can collaborate.

For policy makers

  • Understand how to boost the sector’s growth through evidence-based policy-making
  • Identify local skills requirements and gaps so that you can take action to address them
  • Realise regional potential by aligning local strengths to the sector’s growth areas and needs
  • Help employers in developing inclusive recruitment practices that support under-represented groups and young people
  • See how your priorities link in to others on a regional and national level, and where you can collaborate for bigger impact

For employers

  • Audit and understand your organisation’s skills needs so that you can plan for growth and develop training programmes
  • Improve your recruitment processes to get better quality applications from a wider and more diverse pool of candidates
  • Improve your working culture to boost retention and make your organisation a better place to work
  • Navigate risk and uncertainty with a better understanding of the sector and how your challenges compare to your competitors
  • Benchmark your salaries to ensure you are paying competitively to retain talent

Find out how we can help you. Get in touch with us at info@spaceskills.org.

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They delivered a report that was interesting and, most importantly, useful. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again.

Tanya Boardman
Director of Catena Space

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